GLØD - nature-based adventures

GLØD, which means glow in English, was founded in 2005. From our base in Alta in the North Norwegian county of Finnmark, we offer bespoke Arctic adventures and expeditions for individuals and groups.

We travel on foot, skis or snowshoes, by cycle or canoe – with the option of assistance from a horse or Alaskan huskies to pull pulks or sleds or carrying packsaddles.

Our aim is to deliver nature-based adventures of the highest quality. Our tours represent the tenderloin of our region and are carefully planned to provide you as our guest the best possible experiences. Those who have been on a tour with us before know that our wilderness guides are skilful and experienced tour leaders, the equipment we use is solid and well tested and when it comes to your safety we never make any compromises. On GLØD adventures, the culinary experience is also important! As our guest you will experience local culinary delights based on fresh locally sourced ingredients such as game, fish, king crab and berries. So if you are only looking for the lowest prices or a company that “takes what comes when it comes” then we are the wrong team.

GLØD wishes to contribute to a sustainable outdoors life so that the nature will last and also provide pleasure for future generations.


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